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You deserve to find an OAB treatment that is right for you. So take the next important step and find the right doctor to help you best manage your OAB symptoms.

You may think your condition isn’t serious enough to warrant seeing a specialist. However, just like with any other medical condition, it’s important to see a doctor who has been specifically trained to treat OAB.
That experience can make all the difference.

An OAB specialist can offer you:


OAB specialists have extensive training focused on treating incontinence, and have had special training in how to diagnose and treat Overactive Bladder.

More experience

OAB specialists treat this condition on a regular basis, and have the knowledge to help you build an effective treatment plan.

More options

Specialists are often the first to know about new or different treatments. So they can offer options not available at your primary care or OBGYN’s office.

More supportive services

Specialists often offer a dedicated team focused on building a treatment plan individualized to help you better manage your OAB.

Did you know?

Although many doctors can diagnose OAB, there are specific doctors who are trained to treat it. You might even think of them as doctors who are “overactivists” for OAB. That’s because they are OAB specialists who are committed to helping you find the optimal treatment.

What types of doctors are OAB specialists?

Two types of doctors can be OAB specialists:


A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in problems of the female and male urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. A subset of urologists have additional training and focus primarily on treating different types of incontinence, including Overactive Bladder.

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A urogynecologist, or urogyn, is not a general gynecologist or OBGYN. A urogynecologist is a medical doctor who has been trained in the evaluation and treatment of women with pelvic floor disorders, including Overactive Bladder, in addition to training in obstetrics and gynecology.

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Is your doctor an overactivist?

Be sure to ask…

An overactivist doctor won’t allow you to settle for less than you deserve. And neither should you.

Don’t settle. find a different or new specialist who can help.

If you’ve already seen a doctor and still haven’t found a treatment that works for you, don’t hesitate to find an OAB specialist who is a better fit and who will be an overactivist about helping you find the best treatment for your OAB.

You owe it to yourself to find a specialist who can help you explore other treatment options and help make a difference in your overall quality of life.

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