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You've learned to live with your OAB symptoms and chances are, you're coping the best you can. But with coping, you may not realize how much of an impact your condition is having on your life. Managing your OAB shouldn't be about merely coping with your symptoms so that no one else knows. Your comfort and quality of life are critically important.

Ask yourself: "Am I settling for the way I'm managing my OAB?"

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Now tell us where you are on the OAB Treatment Pathway.

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Kegel exercises, diet/fluid modifications, bladder retraining, scheduled bathroom trips, weight loss

Bathroom tissue to protect undergarments, pads or pantyliners, urinary pads or adult diapers, catheters

Over-the-counter products (oral medication or transdermal patch), prescription medication (anticholinergics and/or beta-3 adrenergic agonist)

What is the total number of different medications you
have tried for your OAB symptoms over the years?

Chemodenervation, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (electrode nerve stimulation), sacral nerve stimulation (surgically implanted device)

Augmentation cystoplasty (bladder enlargement), Urinary diversion, Indwelling catheters (including transurethral, suprapubic)

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The next step in finding a better treatment for your OAB is finding a doctor who specializes in this condition and having an honest conversation with that physician. It's important to communicate clearly with your doctor. Tell your doctor you have been settling for less than you deserve. Ask your doctor to evaluate the next step based on where you are on the OAB treatment pathway.

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OverActivists don't settle or let OAB symptoms disrupt their daily lives. Stop settling for less than you deserve. Talk to a specialist to explore all of your OAB treatment options.

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